Gerard Senehi appears on the Ellen DeGeneres' show.
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Gerard is the Power Player of the Week on Fox News Sunday.
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Gerard Senehi performs for President and Secretary Clinton.
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Gerard on The Today Show.
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Gerard stuns the crew on Channel 5 in Los Angeles.
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Gerard Senehi on the Carson Daly Show.
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Villa bvd: Following Holland’s loss in the finals of the World Cup, Gerard offers a little distraction from the pain…
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Fox25: after a miracle story of someone surviving a 12 inch nail to the head, Gerard is asked if he can bend some on Fox 25.
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KTLA2: After blowing the news team away, Gerard is invited back.
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NBC10: A skeptical host at NBC10 is given something to think about.
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VH1's Morning Buzz Live.
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A rare event: Gerard bends the minds of high school kids and gives them a message about not knowing and awe at the mystery of life.
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  • The Ellen DeGeneres Show - NBC/USA
  • Last Call with Carson Daly - NBC/USA
  • News - Fox News/USA
  • Fantastico - TV Globo International, Brazil
  • Villa BvD - RTL4/Holland
  • Nightbeat with Barry Nolan - Comcast Cable/USA
  • Souls of New York - NY1/USA
  • 212 - FOX/USA
  • KTLA Channel 5, Los Angeles/USA
  • NBC10, Philadelphia/USA
  • Boldfacers, Boston/USA
  • Fox25 News, Boston/USA
  • VH1's Morning Buzz Live
  • The Today Show
  • Fox News Sunday