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A show with the Experimentalist is a collective voyage into the unexpected and the inexplicable. It brings people together in a unique experience in which they are slightly unsettled by witnessing something that is so impossible to explain, while at the same time thoroughly enjoying themselves. A master of telekinesis, thought reading and telepathy, Gerard will even have members of the audience successfully perform these impossible feats themselves! Venturing into and out of spectator’s minds, animating and altering inanimate objects, and being willing to experiment in all areas of the paranormal, he seems to effortlessly defy the laws of nature. Is all this really possible? One would say “no.” So how are we to explain it as there is no doubt that it is happening? Consider this: a certified letter containing a prediction arrives at a client’s office days before the show. The Experimentalist never goes near it. During the show the recipient opens the envelope and it contains a typed prediction like no other ever made, revealing cosmic coincidences, global events that happened since the letter was mailed, and unforeseeable events that occurred only minutes earlier during the very same show!

Walk Around and Closeup shows

The Experimentalist brings mentalism to an intimate walk-around format. Unpredictable and spontaneous with a disarming lightness, Gerard innocently catches people off guard as he uses their own personal effects or thoughts to demonstrate impossible feats right in front of their eyes. Items in people’s hands will move, or change shape, thoughts are inexplicably revealed and so many areas of the paranormal are touched upon. With a no-prop impromptu approach, his work cannot be explained even as the most brilliant skill in “sleight of hand.”

It’s not a “Show” it’s an experience.

For Gerard Art is an opportunity to inspire our imagination, stretch our minds, and expand our view of reality. Art goes beyond formulas, and Gerard loves to customize the experience by creating a theme that relates to the context he is in and the occasion. Here are some examples of themes the has created. Even if covering the same theme, it is always a unique experience.

  • Arizona Science Center: The Nature of Belief
  • Cancer Research Institute: Imagine a world of Possibilities
  • Clinton Foundation: Evoking Mystery and the Unknown
  • Core Club, NY: Mystery, Truth and the Universe
  • Cotthingham Butler, The Widest Door to Peak Performance in Infinity
  • Credai, India: Journey into the Future
  • CSU Industries: Creative Potential when we Don’t Know
  • Dalton School: Original Thinking
  • Educause: Using Tangible Technology to support Intangible Humanity
  • Family Office Association: Two Core Existential Questions
  • Gap International: Questioning the Nature of Reality
  • Hartford Club: Considering New Potentials
  • Hotchkiss School: The Profound and the Really Cool
  • TED Global: The Power of Uncertainty
  • TEDx Yale: Art and its Power
  • TEDx 17th Street, NY: Knowing and Not Knowing
  • TEDx New England: Know Not…Then Consider What’s Possible
  • TEDx Youth: What if our limits are only an illusion?
  • Rhodes School: The Known and the Unknown
  • Fortis Construction: Peering into an Unknown Future
  • George Soros 85th Birthday: Why Uncertainty is such a cool Thing
  • US Bank: Leadership
  • National Hospitality Institute, Oman: The Power of Big Questions
  • Bronx Center for Science and Mathematics: Asking the Big Questions in Life
  • YPO Oman: Mystery, Purpose and the future for Youth
  • American Express: Exploring New Paradigms
  • Loomis Chaffee School: A Magical Mystery Tour
  • Private, Washington, DC: Mystery and Meaning
  • Eaglebrook School: Creativity
  • Sages and Scientists Conference: Not Knowing and the Future
  • Global Youth Philanthropy Summit: Evolving Philanthropy
  • Imagine Solutions: Not Knowing and the Mystery
  • 1892 Club of Hartford: Considering New Possibilities.
  • Amherst College: Engaging with Life questions
  • Amherst Alumni Association of DC: Going Beyond Fixed Ideas
  • Caliper Life Sciences: The Potentials of the Future
  • Donna Karan: Breaking Out of the Box
  • Gardener Museum: Going beyond the Possible
  • Imagine Solutions Conference: Not Knowing Connects us to the Mystery
  • Inspired Legacies Annual Conference: Transformative Philanthropy
  • Liz Claiborne: Going Beyond Limits
  • Material Scientists Annual Conference: Going Beyond Fixed Ideas
  • Nimhans Hospital, Bangalore, India: New Human Capacities Ahead
  • Tipping Point Conference: Transformative Philanthropy
  • Transformative Leadership Summit: Not Knowing
  • Roxbury Latin School: Curiosity for What We Don’t Know
  • Cognizant: the Potential in an Unknown Future
  • Nexus Summit: Flow and expanding our Perspectives
  • Richement PR conference: The Mystery of Connectivity
  • Roxbury Latin School Student Assembly: What does it mean to think for yourself
  • Roxbury Latin School Parent Meeting: The importance of vulnerability with big questions
  • Connie Milstein: The Science of Possibilities
  • Jessup Correctional Institute: The nature of system and individual change
  • Virtusa: Creating Positive Disruption
  • Panoramic Ace Properties Inc: The Future, the Unknown, and the Possibilities
  • Election Night Party 2016: The Value of Uncertainty in the Elections
  • Hult Prize Council: How to Maximize our Impact
  • The Social Edge: How to stay on the Edge
  • The Rubin Museum: Time, Perception and Understanding
  • Palm Beach Private Meeting: Suspending our Impulse to Create Order
  • Dell Annual Sales Team Meeting, The Art of the Possible
  • Harvard Business School Club of New York, Reaching for the highest Possibilities
  • Normal Lear 93rd Birthday: The Nature of Idealism
  • George Soros 88th Birthday: Furthering Openness
  • USC Annenberg School for Communication: Limitless Idealism
  • Guggenheim Energy Meeting: The Limited and the Limitless
  • Annenberg Foundation Board Retreat: How to Connect the Past, Present and Future
  • Massage Envy Annual Franchisee Meeting: The Future is Limitless, as is the Present
  • George Soros 89th Birthday: The secret of Boundless Curiosity
  • Gold’s Gym Annual International Conference: Going Beyond Physical and Mental Boundaries



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President Clinton’s ring finds
its way back into his hands.