20 Minuten (Germany)

“Mesmerizes people.”

A-Channel (Canada)

“Mystifying and inexplicable.”

Asian Age

“He will blow your mind and then bend it.”

Al Roker

“What he does looks amazing, moving objects with his mind.”

Afternoon Magazine

“Forks and spoons are never the same after”

Bangalore Times

“Supernatural Entertainment”

Bangalore Times

“Can make a spoon bend in someone else’s hands without doing anything to it”

Bengaluru Chronicle

“…a performance that will make people question their existence.”

Beverly Hills Courier

“Turned a skeptic into a possible believer!”

Boston Globe

“’The mentalist had made his point: the impossible could actually happen!…’”

Boston Phoenix

“Positively Spooky!”

Chris Wallace, Fox News Sunday

“I think you will be as intrigued by him as I was. He makes things happen that I can’t explain! … That’s mind-blowing!”

Daily News & Analysis

“Gerard confounds, captivates and uplifts audiences worldwide with his seemingly impossible feats.”

Deccan Chronicle

“…opens a world of possibilities.”

Conversations with Mind Readers

“Probably the world’s top walk-around mentalist”

Ellen, The Ellen DeGeneres Show

“This guy is going to blow your mind, then he’s going to bend it!”

Financial Chronicle

“His work has earned the admiration of world leaders.”

Fox News (US)

“Wowing audiences worldwide!”

Fox News Sunday, Chris Wallace

“I think you will be as intrigued by him as I was.”

Fox/212 (US)

“He calls himself the Experimentalist, we call him amazing!”

Fox Life

“A lot of talk about Gerard Senehi”

George Will, Political Commentator

“I’m amazed.”

Hindustan Times Hindustan Times

“Giving people goose bumps with his unique act.”

Hoda Kotb

“Oh my God, Gerard, that’s awesome!…Come back any time. Thank you, I love, you… I’m amazed by him, I’m shocked, I’m stunned”

How to Live the Good Life in NY

Selected “best of the best.”

Israel Educ. Television (Israel)

“Mr. Senehi played a main character. He is very talented. His sensitivity is remarkable.”

Jenna Wolfe

“Get out! No!…No—stop it! That’s crazy!”

Jerusalem Post

“I received a mysterious envelope in the mail…an account of the conversation we’d had five minutes earlier!”

Kathie Lee Gifford

“It’s amazing, the energy, it’s like an electrical current”

KTLA TV – Channel 5, Los Angeles

“My exec. Producer said this was one of the best segments ever.

Last Call with Carson Daly (US)

“That’s fantastic, I’m a believer!”

Mid Day

“Not exactly the stuff of reality.”

Momentum Magazine

“Might just make your skepticism disappear…or at least bend.”

Natalie Morales

“Did you feel that? It’s like an energy, like a force!”

New York Magazine

“…like some sort of religious experience from the sixteenth century.”

New York Post

“Can he read minds!”

NiteBeat with Barry Nolan

“Gerard’s [segment] soundly trounced CNN’s.”

NY Times

“A whole other way to create buzz.”

Red Carpet Magazine

“I found the glasses I had lost where he said they would be!”

RSVP Magazine

“Created the all-important wow factor”

Sally Jessy Raphael (US)

“Everyone who’s seen him said it is the most incredible thing they’ve ever seen.”

ShowBiz 411

“Clive imported mentalist Gerard Senehi, who freaked out Madame Secretary actor Erich Bergen by reading his mind.”

The 10! Show, Francis McEnroe

“Definitely one of the best guests we’ve ever had.”


“Of the many entries we received (online remote viewing competition), yours was one of the very few most accurate and you were the only one who gave details or a description that related to three of the four cards.”

The Times of India

“The audience were on the edge of their seats throughout.”

TV Globo Int’l (Brazil)

“Congratulations, Gerard! You have stunned people!”

Village Voice

“Glowingly amazing!”

Villa BvD Show (Holland)

“Jesus Christ!! You’re not supposed to say that on TV but Jesus Christ!!!”

Volkskrant (Holland)

“Seeing your show on TV, I had to meet you”

Fashion Manuscript

“One of the most mind-bending and inspiring shows in the world.”

Influencer Magazine

“An amazing person to be around any way you slice it.”

Lifestyle Magazine

“Witness his talents, and you’ll be transported from the everyday environment to a completely different dimension.”


“These are not magical tricks. They are a roller coaster ride that makes space to embrace the unknown.””Seeing your show on TV, I had to meet you”

Metropolitan Magazine

“A once in a lifetime joyful and uplifting experience.”

“Difficult to define and defies all categories”

Social Life Magazine

“Demonstrating impossible feats that even the most ardent skeptics simply cannot explain.”

Times Square Chronicles

“A ‘superstar’ in psychic entertainment.”

Times Square Gossip

“Defies all categories.”






“With 2,000 people in attendance, they would not let him stop performing.”

Alliance Capital Mgnt, Chris Toub, Exec. VP

“If Gerard played the stock market, there would be no room for the rest of us.”

Alpharma (Norway)

“Had feedback from all the guests – they were stunned – in summary a big hit!”

American Express


American Museum of Natural History -Annual Gala

“Months later, still get phone calls about him. Our guests were so blown away.”

Ashley Furniture, Lisa Gappa

“I have been approached by hundreds of people commenting on the performance. It was a HUGE success!”

Bain Capital, Erin Wise

“From all our events over the years, people are still talking about you so we had to have you back”

Bank of America

“We want to have you work with us all the time.”

Baring Private Equity Asia, Jean Eric Salata, CEO

“You had quite an impact on our meeting, everyone loved the performance.”

Bill Rayburn, Chairman and CEO, FNC Inc.

“One of the best performances I have ever seen!”

Blackrock (Bermuda)

“We have received rave reviews of the event… noted by many as an unexpected delight.”

Boston Scientific, John Abele, Founder & Chairman

“Your work opens people’s minds.”

Broadwing, Scott Widham, President

“It’s not possible what you are doing!”

Carlyle Group, Dan D’Aniello Managing Partner

“Excellent, excellent show, thank you very much!”

Carroll Hospital, Dana Saunders

[years later] “The doctors at Carroll Hospital Center STILL talk about your performance at Doctors Day 5 years ago!”

Center for Learning and Innovation, LIJHS, Alan Cooper, VP

“we’ve had world class presenters the last 8 years and you are the only person that people have requested that you return.”

Deutsche Bank (Germany) Chairman of the Board

“Fantastic show – let’s book him again.”

Deutsche Bank, Seth Waugh, CEO

“The crowd was floored and we all want to buy stock in you!”

Deutsche Bank, Tamara Lashchyk

“You were the most talked about presenter of our entire conference – and we had some of the most renowned thinkers in the world. Again, truly amazing.”

Diana Rayzman, President, RGLive

“The guests were truly blown away and it was all anyone talked about for the next several days. And trust me, this is not an easy group to impress.”

Jay Monahan, Commissioner, PGA Tour

“Our team is still talking about your performance and participation at our holiday party. You really made a big and positive impact on all.”

Capricia Marshall, Chief of Protocol, White House

“I have heard from countless members of our diplomatic corps that this was truly one of the best [July 4th celebration] they have attended.”

EarthLink, Don Berryman, President

“We couldn’t have had a better close to our meetings.”

Emerald Asset Mgnt, Joe Besecker, Founder and Pres

“Had to have you again this year – everyone was asking for you.”

Emirates Airline Invitational, James Bowring, Tournament Director

“it was fantastic to have you at the Emirates Airline Invitational and the feedback we had was of the highest order. I am not sure how we can even come close next year!”


“Transported us all into raptures of delight and utter amazement!”

FBR, Eric Billings, CEO

“interesting, very, very, very, very interesting”

Fortis Construction, inc. Jim Kilpatrick, President

“Thank you very much! This was a big help to our company.”

Gary Puma, President and CEO, Springpoint

“I’ve never seen anything in [all my] years like what I saw last night. It was a magical evening that will be with me a lifetime. Thank you so much for that experience. You are a superstar!”

GE, Commercial Finance, Bob Bossidy, President and CEO

“Wonderful show, it was a lot of fun!”

Global Retail Marketing Association, Stephanie Fischer, COO

[years later…] “We were just talking about how difficult it is to find a performer as good as you for our conference.”

Barrie Moskowitz, Harvard Business School Club of NY

“Your presentation was phenomenal – and you had the audience on the edge of their seats – astounded! We have received many comments from attendees about how much they loved words regarding limitlessness and open mindedness.”

Howard Schultz, Chairman, Starbucks

“Very disturbing…absolutely incredible!”

HSBC, Brigida Petro

“You were great and we really enjoyed having you. I will be in touch for our big conferences.”

Hermes of Paris, Robert Chavez, CEO/President

“…leaving most of us speechless and in wonder, but delightfully entertained.”

IBM, Mark Loughridge, CFO

“These (the audience) are some of our most intelligent people and you completely blew them away.”

IEF (Germany)

“Spellbinding! The most incredible show we’ve ever witnessed!!”

Impala Asset Management, Tonya Horton

“Everyone thought you were amazing …quite a few people asked ‘who was that guy’ and how did you find him?!!”

Jeffrey Aronsson, CEO, Donna Karan

“Incredibly impressive!”

Johnson & Johnson

“Unbelievable Show! All 150 of us were speechless!”

JP Morgan, James B. Lee, Vice Chairman

“I wasn’t sure about having this type of entertainment for our event. I’m really glad Liz talked me into it. You were fantastic!”

Karen Zelnick, Convexity Capital

“It’s the talk of the company today, his performance was extraordinaire!!”

Karen Zigrossi, Peddinghaus Corporation

“His prediction is/was amazing!! I can’t even say how I feel about the entire event!”

Kristina Ashley, Integral Derivatives

“You kept a lot of people at the party, more than any other year. You have no idea what a big deal that is! They LOVED your show!”

Lacks Stores, Janey Lack, (2 years later)

“We still talk about your [show]!”

Lehman Brothers

“Couldn’t have been a better conclusion to our weekend!”

Liz Claiborne, Bill McComb, CEO

“That was absolutely amazing, we’ll definitely see you again!”

Lois Lovelady, FNC Inc., Director, Sales and Strategic Initiatives

“You’re the only presenter we’ve had who people have kept asking about so we had to have you back.”

Marcie Sherman, Southern Wine & Spirits of America

“I can honestly say that this was the best conference yet for our group and we have you to thank for that!”

Margaret Bradley, Medela

“My only problem now is – how do I top this for next year’s party?????”

Marta Bulaich, Canaan Partners

“It was the most successful event we’ve ever had, mostly because of you.”

MASS General

“…outdid himself. The physicians were in a state of shock and bewilderment!”

Maurice Marciano, Co-founder, Guess? Inc.

“I’ve been waiting four years to see you again but I knew it would happen!”

Maveron Capital, Dan Levitan, Co-Founder

“Totally entertaining.”

Medela Inc, Margaret Bradley

“It’s not going to be easy to try to top your show from last year!”

Merrill Lynch Global Markets Conference

“We couldn’t find a way to top what you did last year, and everybody was asking for you to come back!”

Merrill Lynch, Stan O’Neil, CEO

“I should get a commission for all the work you’re getting from us.”

Microvasive Endoscopy, Michael P. Phalen, President

“We couldn’t have asked for a better connection to innovation and thinking the impossible. My congratulations to you and I wish you the best of success!”

Mid Ocean Partners, Ted Virtue, Co-Founder and CEO

“Another fantastic performance!”

Mind Tree Consulting, Ashok Soota, Chairman & Managing Partner

“Incredible, what you do is totally incredible!”

MLH Capital, Ed Hajim, Chairman and CEO

“Many thanks for electrifying the 45th Harvard Business School Reunion.”

National Beef Packing Co, Tim Klein, President and COO

“Thank you for making our evening unforgettable.”

Nationwide Mutual Insurance, Jerry Jurgensen, CEO

“That was completely amazing, thank you for the show”


“You truly made our event.”

North Shore Health System, Alan Cooper, Vice President

, “We’ll NEVER be able to top this event!”

Novartis, Fintan R. Steele, Vice President

“The folks are still buzzing about it.”

NPS Pharmaceuticals, Francois Nader

“You have been the talk of the town since then, eclipsing much everything else we’ve done.”

Paul Marciano, Co-founder, Guess? Inc.

“People were blown away by you, totally blown away!” 

Perma-Cote, David Marshall, President

“Your consistency to deliver a first class performance is very much appreciated.”

PHS Senior Living, Inc., Marah Shiels

“Many thanks for making our Board event one that everyone involved will never forget…it was so unique I don’t think we could replicate the evening’s experience if we tried!”

Rickie Hall & Associates, Rickie Hall, Owner & Event Planner

“Gerard was the talk of the whole conference! He made me look GOOD!”

Rob Roy, Peter McIlroy, CEO

“I have quite frankly never seen a presentation of this type.”

Robert DeSutter, Managing Director and global group head, Piper Jaffray Healthcare Investment Banking

“We’ve had Presidents, rock stars and all kinds of great people but no one has impressed us like you have and I couldn’t wait to have you perform again!”

Ron Dennis, McClaren

“Everybody’s talking about you!”

Ross Greenburg, Pres., HBO Sports

“Everybody’s talking about you!”

SAP, (Germany), Henning Kagermann, CEO

“Fantastic show, Thank you very much.”

Solaris Health Systems

“This was definitely the best entertainment we have ever had!”

TEDMed, Marc Hodosh, Co-founder

“So many people came up to me after interacting with you… they were amazed and enlightened!”

TEDx New England, Stephen Baker, Co-Founder & Curator

“The impact of your presentation has taken on a life of its own. I enjoy hearing people tell me of their encounter with you…and how they will never forget what they saw!”

Tel Aviv Municipality (Israel)

“Gerard won our hearts with his performance.”

Tiger Management Corp., Julian Robertson, Founder and Chairman

“He’s the best in the world.”

Time, Inc

“Phenomenal, you’ve made it happen with this group in a way other performers haven’t been able to.”

Time Warner (NY)

“Nothing like it!”

Virtusa, Kris Canekeratne, CEO

“You totally mystified even our most intelligent people…”

West Broadway Partners, David Liptak, CEO

“Great show!”

World 50, Anne Harris

“Our members are still reeling from your remarkable demonstrations!”

Ziff Brothers (UK) Daniel Ziff

“He’s the best!”





Ahmad Rashad

“Very impressive!! Very cool!!!”

Alan Greenspan

“that’s very impressive”

Andre Tippett, NFL

“I have no idea how he knew what I was thinking!?”

Barbra Streisand

“You are incredible!!!”

Baroness Sheri de Borchgrave, journalist/author (NY)

“He’s transforming the art.”

Bernadette Peters

“Amazing, can I feel your energy?”

President Bill Clinton

“You were great – we appreciate your important role in the evening’s success.”

Bill Murray

“How did he do that?”

Billy Joel (NY)


Bobby Kennedy (NY)

“Very cool!”

Bret Baier, Anchor, Fox News

“You are Amazing! Really, really Amazing!”

Brian Austin Green

“That’s freaky!”

Brian Johnson, Philosopher & CEO, Zaadz

“OMZ!!!!! And wtf?!?!”

Cheech Marin

“That was really cool.”

Chef Eric Ripert

unbelievable, I’m honored to see this!”

Chris Berman, ESPN

“I’m supposed to be the man with words… I’m speechless!”

Clive Davis, music industry legend

“The reaction was so strong, so receptive, so admiring that the entire evening came off extra special. Thanks so much for not only excelling at what you do but also caring and relating in such a wonderful manner.”

Dana Basch, CNN

“Ihat’s unbelievable!”

David Foster

“I love how you are with people!”

Deepak Chopra

“You were spectacular and the highlight of the evening”

Deepak Chopra

“You did an incredible show last night!”

Dennis M. Bushnell, Chief Scientist, NASA

“I’ve never seen anything like it, we have to figure out how he’s doing this…”

Diana Ross

“Thank you. Everyone was totally amazed by you!”

Dr. Alex Imich, President, Anomalous Phenomena Reasearch Institute

“The most convincing displays of paranormal phenomena I’ve ever seen.”

Dr. Andrew Weil

“That’s amazing!”

Dr. Ewart Brown Premier of Bermuda

“You are amazing!”

Dr. Ruth

“Are you as passionate a lover in the bedroom?” 🙂

Drake Bell

“Ohhhhh, my Godddd!”

Dwight Clark

“I must have told 50 people about you!”

Dwight Evans, Red Sox

“Terrific show, really terrific!”

Elle McPherson (NY)

“He knew things I was going to do before I even thought to do it!”

Emily Squires, Director, Sesame Street

“What he does is impossible yet there it is!”

Eric Holden, Attorney General

“You are a sorcerer!!! Get away from me!”

Eric Weinstein, mathematician and economist

“I have not experienced personal wonder like that in decades. It reminded me of the first time I saw a Klein Bottle or understood the Dirac equation.”

Estée Lauder (NY)

“We’ve seen all of the best, I have to say you’re even better.”

General Petraeus

“Well done sir!”

George Foreman (NY)

“That’s improbable! You’re great!?”

George Soros

“You’ve outdone yourself. You really impressed me!”

Goldie Hawn

“I just want to cry! Thank you…”

Governor Mitt Romney

“That didn’t happen! It really didn’t happen!?!”

H.H. Tariq Al Said, Oman

“You were phenomenal…you made the night.”

Herbie Hancock, Musician

“You moved it without touching it.”

Hilary Clinton, Secretary of State

“Oh my God, that’s amazing…that’s amazing!”

Hilary Swank

“Unbelievable, how could he know I secretly told my friends his suit is cool…The prediction, it’s got to be for real?”

Howie Mandel

“Hey everybody come watch this….I’ve never seen anything like it!”

Ivanna Trump


James Marsden (NY)

“Please show me more!”

Joe Frazier (MA)

“How do you do that? That’s really amazing!”

Jon Barry, NBA

“Wow! It’s really amazing.”

John Rosenwald, Vice Chairman, J.P.Morgan

“You were a gigantic hit!”

Kenneth Cole (NY)

“He’s fantastic! Let’s use him for our corporate events.”

Kevin Eubanks, musician and composer

“That was amazing!”

Kevin Youlikis

“You blew people away.”


“This was incredible! I can’t understand how this is possible!?.”

Kofi Annan

“It is bending!”

Marnie Miller

“There isn’t a party we go to that someone doesn’t reminisce of your act; you are loved here in CT!!!!”

Massimo Ferragamo

“You make it always different and really entertaining!”

Matt Damon

“Oh my God!”

Matt Dillon

“That was a great performance…amazing…I like the way you included everybody.”

Mayor Bloomberg

“I can’t even bend it back!”

Michael Feisntein, musician

“You are incredible!”

Mikhail Baryshnikov

“Amazing, please don’t tell your secrets to anyone!”

Morley Safer

“I was very impressed with you!”

Nikki Hilton

“It would be weird to go on a date with him since he can read your mind.”

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi

“That was a delightful experience.”

Norman Lear

“Really terrific! I like how you are with people.”

Nouriel Roubini, Economist

“Moses and Jesus were the masters of plagues and miracles, almost as brilliant as you!”

Oleg Cassini


Patrick Stewart

“Oh, [can’t put in print]!”

Paul Gniadek, Financial Advisor

“Oh, gee, Gerard, in less than a year, you doubled every one of your investments!”

Pejman Shariati (8 years old)

“He’s my hero, he’s better than Batman and Superman put together!”

Peter Farrelly

“I’m really amazed by what you do, I just don’t understand it.”

Sir Peter Westmacott, British Ambassador to the United States

“Gerard is a remarkable combination of philanthropist, philosopher and mentalist. [He has] an extraordinary talent both to amaze and to make people think in different ways!”

Philip R.Thornton, The Roxbury Latin School

“For the seventh year running, the senior class voted your performance (in November 2004) as the best [school assembly] ever!”

Placido Domingo

“Marvelous, that was extraordinary!”

President Bill Clinton

“I’m very grateful to Gerard.”

Prince Albert (Monaco)


Prince Andrew (UK)


Prince Philip, UK

“Clever, very clever!”

Princess Helena

“You had a big impact on me, thank you.”

Princess Sandra (Bismark)

“I can’t believe it!”

Queen Latifah

“Ohhhhh, Snap! That is trippyyyy!”

Ralph Nader

“What is your secret?”

Ray Kelly, NYC Police Commissioner

“Absolutely phenomenal…mind-blowing!”


“That’s explosive!”

Richard Branson

“Well done!”

Robin Leach

“Whatever power Gerard has is so spectacular and stunning you will be dumbfounded and speechless.”

Sam Donaldson

“How do you do that?”

Sandy Koufax

“Thank you, I really enjoyed your show.”

Sara Jessica Parker

“No really…that was totally incredible!”

Sara Palin

“That’s Freaky!”

Sarah Silverman

“That’s unbelievable! How do you do that?”

Sean McDonough

“I have received more comments about you than any other aspect of that party or our golf tournament the next day.”

Sharon Stone

“You were really delightful.”

Sidney Lumet

“Now I’m a believer!”

Sir Peter Westmacott, British Ambassador to the US

“We can’t thank you enough, you made our evening!”

Sir Sean Connery

“Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!”

Steve MacIntosh, Integral Philosopher

“The end of the Newtonian worldview!”

The Sopranos

“How the F__ did he do that?”

Susan Rice, National Security Advisor

“I’m impressed.” (after insisting Gerard tells her what she’s thinking)

The Wilpons – NY Mets


Tom Brady, Quarterback, New England Patriots

“Oh my God…this is incredible!”

Tom Brokaw


Vin Diesel

“Oh, my God!”

Will-I-Am, Black Eyed Peas


Woody Harrelson, Actor

“that’s wild!”

Yvander Holyfield, World Heavyweight Champion

“Wow! Everybody’s got their gift!”