Master of Mentalism, Motivational Speaker, Corporate Event Entertainer – Gerard Senehi

GERARD SENEHI is recognized as a “superstar” mentalist. He has been featured on numerous television shows internationally including “Today Show” and “Ellen.” New York Magazine referred to his performance as “some sort of religious experience from the sixteenth century.” Companies often comment on the challenge they will have to surpass this experience for their next event. After an annual conference, Deutsche Bank said, “You were the most talked about presenter of our entire conference – and we had some of the most renowned thinkers in the world.”

Gerard has a unique interest and ability to use his art as a mentalist to create mystery, demonstrating impossible feats that even the most ardent skeptics can’t explain. At the same time, he creates an environment where people can suspend their ideas of what’s possible, thus giving an experience that is not only thoroughly captivating, but also expands possibilities beyond imagined boundaries.

Gerard’s performances create an atmosphere of openness and possibility, which is why he is often sought out to present as a motivational speaker for board retreats, strategy meetings and conferences for companies who are trying to push into new territory.  His presentations are thoroughly entertaining, mystifying and a perfect backdrop to let the imagination run with potentials not yet imagined.

Paranormal Phenomena – Is It Real?

Following his phenomenal experiments, he’s been approached by thousands of people convinced that he has some special power, requesting personal help, healing of ailments, advice on their family and future. Even some of New York’s most successful investment bankers have asked him for advice on the stock market. On three occasions, world leaders have directly asked him if his skill could be used to gain military or political advantage. But Gerard won’t let himself be pinned down–he is the Experimentalist!

Despite unconventional, in-depth studies and research in psychology and paranormal phenomena at Amherst College, an advanced degree in Psychology, and meetings with hundreds of psychics from around the world, he himself is never able to make sense of it all. This is fortunate for the audiences as it means he is willing to boldly risk stretching the very fabric of reality to discover a place where entertainment happens in an altogether different dimension.

So, you’re not really sure what he does? Welcome, you have just entered the Zone of the Experimentalist!

“Gerard was the most talked about presenter of our entire conference – and we had some of the most renowned thinkers in the world!”  Tamara Lashchyk, Deutsche Bank Annual Conference