Gerard’s new virtual show weaves in some of the best virtual mentalism in the world into a journey of wonder, fun, and limitless possibilities. Audiences are left feeling that they have not only witnessed extraordinary and impossible feats, but have gone through a once in a lifetime joyful and uplifting experience!

Who is Gerard Senehi?

Gerard is a world renowned mentalist based in NYC. He has been featured on television in 25 countries, including The Today Show, Ellen, Fox News and CNN in the US. Gerard can transport an audience from their everyday environment to a completely different dimension. As the great producer Norman Lear told Gerard after seeing his show, “I’m going to give you the greatest compliment I can give you…you are not a ‘performer’.” He creates an environment where people can suspend their ideas of what’s possible, thus giving an experience that is not only thoroughly captivating, but also expands possibilities beyond imagined boundaries.

What makes Gerard’s virtual show powerful and unique?

Beyond demonstrating amazing feats, Gerard’s virtual performance inspires possibilities, thoroughly entertains, and brings a sense of joy and fun that is so needed right now. Audience members are not passive spectators, but are fully engaged in an “experience” which takes them out of their ordinary reality into a new dimension, and they come out inspired, energized, and uplifted. He has a unique ability to bring people together, whether it is a corporate team, a board meeting, a family gathering or a festive celebration. Clients have called Gerard’s virtual show “Epic”, “Incredible”, “Thoughtful and meaningful”, “More powerful than having you in person!”

What length program do you recommend?

It is flexible depending on the event. General recommendations are:

  1. 20-30 minute program if it is part of a longer online event, or 
  2. 30-45 minute program if it is mainly a stand-alone event.

What video platform will be used:

There are several options for platforms depending on the need of the events. Most corporate events are using Zoom. For private events, Streamyard provides a more informal user experience. Video can also be streamed to other platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. 

What is the maximum capacity?

If the event is on Zoom, the limit is the zoom capacity of 1,000 people. For larger events, the program can be streamed live for thousands of people.

What witnesses to gerard’s corporate and private events had to say after experiencing his virtual show:

“Gerard, mindblown…mission accomplished…incredible. What makes tonight even more special is that you are able do this virtually. What you’ve done is even more special being remote like this, with all of us in different states. To me it’s incredible, thank you so much!” 
Jason Sevinor, YPO of New England Annual Meeting

“I’ve seen you many times in person for our company, and although it’s zoom, it feels exactly the same, I leave just being absolutely amazed and you brought us together. Thank you for this innovative format!”
Andy Goldfarb, Co-Founder & Executive Managing Director, Globespan Capital

“Thank you so much for this incredible show. When I saw you last you had a room full of Harvard Business School Alumni overwhelmed, impressed and mind-blown with everything that you did, and I think this was just as impactful on zoom. I’m so grateful especially during this turbulent time, this show is so uplifting and promising!”
Barrie Moskowitz, co-VP programming and events, Harvard Business School Club of NY

 “Having seen your corporate show in person so many times, I wondered how this could work, and yet interestingly enough it seems like the remote distance was completely absent. The fact that people were brought together from all over the world made this just as personal in a different way. It was a unification of people, and thoughts and ideas. That is really a wonderful thing these days.” 
Mark Bruner, Owner, J4 Communications

“I was very impressed that this could be done through Zoom. I would never think that it would be possible because we usually need to be there in person to create that connection. So Gerard I was really impressed, hands off to the fact that you were able to bring such a large group together, feeling so close, with this wonder that makes us feel like kids. I walk away feeling more joyful, happy, and wondering how you have done this again!” 
Veronica Allende Serra, Founding Partner, Innova Capital

“I’ve seen you many times in person and today on zoom was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen you do!”
Joel Jewitt, Co-Founder and VP Strategic Operations, LiveRamp

“Always mind-expanding, you certainly changed our concept of where the limits are.”
Ashok Mahbubani, President and CEO, Multitronics VMI 

“I’ve seen Gerard many times, I’ve worked with him, what makes all this zoom experience special, is that he weaves the imagination and makes the journey such a positive and inspiring experience to question our own boundaries.”
Phil Lilienthal, President, Global Camps Africa

 “I have to say you are a maestro of wonder, you just break through the spell of what we think is real and open things up in a way that all we can is laugh. It’s delightful, with a sense of surprise, it lightens up everything. You are truly the maestro of wonder.”
Gordon Dveirin, President, Dveirin & Associates, LLC

“I’ve seen you in person but I was wondering how the zoom experience would be. It’s fantastic!” 
Chariar Assad, Space & Intelligence Systems, Boeing Corporations

“Always Amazing, you open up this mystery that we live in and show what potential we can aspire to.” 
Lawrence Bloom, Secretary General, Be Earth an Intergovernmental Organization

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