“Gerard was the most talked about presenter of our entire conference – and we had some of the most renowned thinkers in the world!”  Tamara Lashchyk, Deutsche Bank Annual Conference

“We’ve had Presidents, rock stars and all kinds of amazing people – but no one has impressed us like Gerard!”  Bob De Sutter, Piper Jaffrey Investment Banking Conference


Mentalist, mind reader, motivational speaker, and corporate entertainer, Gerard Senehi defies all categorizations. He is recognized internationally not only as a brilliant performer but also as a true master of the art of mentalism. Ever creative, and wanting to always push the edge of what is possible, he creates an experience that inspires audiences to question limitations.

His corporate mentalist shows can support the kind of open thinking that makes it possible to take on new challenges. His impromptu approach to mentalism engages the audience while they witness things that are impossible right in front of their eyes, giving people an extraordinary experience and a sense of open possibilities ahead.

He is regarded by many of his peers as one of the best mentalists in the world. Whether for a corporate or private function the combination of walk-around mentalism and a formal show creates an experience people often speak about years later…

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Gerard Senehi Amazes President Clinton



An inspiring journey of suspending our ideas and creating room for infinite possibilities. Gerard’s mentalist performance/ experience opens the door to the vastness of what we don’t know. It evokes a sense of wonder and imagination as people witness things that even some of the world’s top scientists cannot explain. The experience of mystery serves as a launching point to inspire the audience to suspend limits of how we think. This not only creates space to see beyond our differences as human beings, but also to consider new ideas, new solutions, and unlock a creativity we would otherwise not have access to.